Máy định vị GPS Montana 680 | Máy định vị GPS Garmin Montana 680

Garmin Montana 680 server used in the go, long go or carry in the travel. Montana 680 with the screen manual quote and support 1 year use Birdseye for view image, camera progressed to 8 Megapixel.



Router GPS Garmin Montana 680 used in the go long path, goi or mang theo khi du lịch. GPS Garmin Montana GPS 680 có màn hình cảm ứng dual direction and support 1 year use Birdseye for view image, camera progressed to 8 Megapixel

Montana has many quality features for the external active as:

Large view

GPS Garmin Montana GPS 680 có màn hình cảm ứng lớn 4 inch, can be read under the alumininal light light, modern resolution. Easy usage interface, you will have many time for the active activities of the skyly and take it for time for search information. Device is high level and non against water, has been va and dam, dust better.

The image card mount image

Shooting and the discations with camera GPS Garmin Montana 680 camera 8 megapixel. Each the camera will be automatically mounted an address address with the location of the location location, you are allowed to return to the main position in the future. Shooting and view image in portrait or portrait format. Theo dõi ảnh của bạn và xem vị trí của họ trên bản đồ bằng cách sử dụng Basecamp ™. Insert a microSD card to save the image pictures to see image from other devices.

Go to any any location

With a multiple of GPS Garmin Montana GPS mounter mountable is mounted to use on ATVs, the boat, as a handler device or in your xe. Use dynamic mount with the City Map, the command manual, or mounted the sure for your motor or mounted on your car.

Chia sẻ không dây

Với GPS Garmin Montana GPS locator, you can share the waypoints, your music, route lines and geocaches does not match the GPS Garmin users.

Keep Fix Your

With high Sensitivity, WAAS kích hoạt GPS and HotFix ® Satellite Presected, Montana 650 your location to quick and fast and its GPS position is even on the cover foresthẻm núi sâu. The priority is the specified – for any you are found in the deep forest or only the building and the building, you can count on Montana 650 for you can be search by your way when you need it.

Easy manual

GPS Garmin Montana GPS 680 được thiết kế 3 axisically, with la bàn. Pressure speed pressure, but transforming to determine your exact precision.

Duplicate source source

Montona has a dual type pin system. You will have the option of the use of the pin lithium-ion packages please reoặc pin AA traditional system – option by that you are phù hợp with your best better.

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GPS Garmin Montana 680

  •  Display LCD display 4 inch, 65.000 color, easy read the lightlight.
  •  Resolution resolution: 272 x 480 pixel.
  • System map: WGS 84, VN 2000,… and more than 100 other map on the world
  • System is: UTM, Lat / Long, Maiden head, MGRS,…
  • Interface with computer: USB speed and standard NMEA 0183
  •  Dung lượng bộ nhớ trong: 4.0 GB
  •  External memory card support, Micro SD tag type (no attached machine).
  •  Use the free map not images BirdsEye Satellite Imagery in a year of a year.
  • Install the details of the details in the provinces in all countries.
  •  Có thể tải bản đồ vào máy, tương thích với Bản đồ tùy chỉnh chức năng.
  • Memory point (waypoint): 4000 point.
  • Hành trình: Set 200 action, each action over 200 point.
  • Memory cache: 10.000 point, you can save 200 Saved Track.
  •  Routing Function: Lead by the week if the installation interface is already installed.
  •  Path with image (navigation navigation).
  •  La bàn điện tử 3 axis and pressure to the high level in host.
  • Integrated integrator camera numbers of 8,0 megapixel, automatic mount level in the bức ảnh.
  •  Chia sẽ data with other interactive GPSs by wireless.
  • Calendar sat (find best time).
  •  Moon mask, moon mask and calendar.
  •   Cycle Calculator, immediate on server.
  • Function warnings to the dangerous area.
  • The number of the digital camera.
  •  Camera Sensitivity: Strong and fast, receiver an sync signal from 2 GPS and GLONASS system, invalid number from 1-5 meters.
  •  The usage source: Pin Lithium-ion (Companion) hoặc 3 pin AA.
  •  Pin usage time: interval 16 hour (pin Lithium-ion) or 22 hour (with pin AA).
  • Standard standard: IPX7 standard standard.
  • Temperature activity: From -15 degrees C to 70 degrees C.
  • Size size: 7.48 x 14.42 x 3.64 cm.
  • Volume: 289 gram (even pin Lithium-ion).
  •  Production at Đài Loan.
  •  Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

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